In September of 1978, Tom Clark, founder of Leeds Clark Inc., envisioned starting a business that provided historic preservation/restoration products and services to owners of buildings and residences in small towns across Texas. He realized that many of the buildings and residences in these communities were in serious disrepair. Some were eyesores, while others were in need of typical maintenance. Urban renewal had also altered many of these historic structures during the late 1950's, early 60's. Beautiful facades were covered with aluminum and other materials to give them a more modern look. With the demand for help on these buildings in place, Mr. Clark located retired craftsman in the fields of carpentry, masonry, roofing, and interior/exterior finishes and procured their services to teach and practice the trade of historic preservation/restoration. Mr. Clark hoped the products and services he envisioned would help restore these buildings and residences back to their original condition and appearance, while protecting as much historic building fabric as possible.

A wide array of Leeds Clark, Inc.'s most memorable historic preservation/restoration projects include:

  • The restoration and consultation of many private and public historic buildings and residences throughout the country.
  • Preservation, restoration, and consultation on numerous County, State, and Federal Courthouses throughout the country.
  • Historic window survey on the Pentagon in Washington D.C and other Federal structures throughout the country.
  • Training and presenting historic preservation technique seminars for Main Street Managers and Directors throughout the country.
  • Compilation of a complete case study for historic window survey techniques through Georgia Tech University.
  • Involved in the restoration of the Hill County Courthouse that burned to the ground in 1993. The Hill County Courthouse was number one on the National Trust List for the National Park Service that year. Securing the bid for the historic window replication aspect of the preservation effort is one of the highlights of Leeds Clark, Inc.'s work history and reflects the quality and quantity of work this firm is capable of.

Leeds Clark Inc. was honored at the annual ('97) Texas Historic Preservation Conference in Austin, TX with the Award of Excellence in Historic Architecture for Craftsmanship. This award was given for the firm's work on the Hill County Courthouse Phase I Renovation. Leeds Clark, Inc. replicated and installed the 172 exterior historic wood windows, the bell tower louvers, and entry transoms on the Hill County Courthouse following the devastating fire of January 1, 1993. The nomination for the award centered on the exemplary craftsmanship demonstrated in the replication of the historic wood windows, and the extra effort extended by Tom Clark to make sure the windows were historically accurate.

Mr. Clark contributes his knowledge of historic preservation/restoration and his ultimate success in business to "the school of hard knocks". Throughout his 40+ years in business, trial and error and the live and learn mentality are what have helped him master his trade and ultimately define the products and services Leeds Clark, Inc. offers its clients: government agencies, architects, general contractors, and private sector building/residence owners. From condition assessment surveys documenting existing historic project conditions to a full blown historic preservation/restoration project, Leeds Clark, Inc. offers a wide array of historic preservation, restoration, and consultation products and services. Mr. Clark is very passionate and straightforward in his approach to historic preservation/restoration and has been blessed to be apart of many wonderful projects nationwide.

 Forty years and 4,000+ projects later, Leeds Clark, Inc. has emerged as one of the premiere historic preservation, restoration, and consulting firms in the country. Mr. Clark and his company have become recognized as a national authority in the field of restoring and replicating historic wood, steel, and hollow metal windows and doors. No other firm has been established longer or participated in more projects than Leeds Clark Inc., as it relates to the preservation/restoration of historic windows and doors. Because of Mr. Clark's reputation, experience, and technical knowledge, government agencies, architects, and contractors often consult with Leeds Clark, Inc. concerning specific historic window and door projects nationwide. Mr. Clark believes inspection of the historic structure and its materials is vital in developing an accurate preservation and restoration plan. Leeds Clark’s condition assessment helps the architect and building/home owner establish needs, offer realistic solutions and specifications, then develop a plan and budget to determine feasibility of the proposed historic preservation/restoration project. 

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