Leeds Clark, Inc. has access to and offers its clients a wide range of glass products for their specific historic preservation/restoration needs. Whether it be a piece of wavy historic glass or a unique and very specific piece of stained glass, Leeds Clark, Inc. can find and provide its clients with the specific glass products they need and are looking  for to complete there preservation/restoration efforts. Below are the various glass products Leeds Clark, Inc. offers its historic preservation/restoration clients:

Wire (Fire-Rated) Glass

Insulated Glass

Historic (Restoration) Glass

Leaded Glass

Stained Glass

Glass: Historic, Stained, Leaded, Insulated, Low-E, Etc.

Annealed, Tempered, & Laminated Glass

Low-E (Coated) Glass

‚ÄčPlease send all glass inquires to info@leedsclark.com

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