​1. Structural & Foundation Work

​2. Roofing & Related Drainage

​3. Masonry Repairs & Treatments

​4. Window/Door Restoration & Replication

​5. Storefront Restoration & Painting

​6. Awnings & Signage

​7. Interior Finish-out

In September of 1978, Tom Clark, founder of Leeds Clark Inc., envisioned starting a business that provided historic preservation/restoration products and services to owners of buildings in small towns across Texas. He realized that many of the buildings and in these communities were in serious disrepair. Some were eyesores, while others were in need of typical maintenance. Urban renewal had also altered many of these historic structures during the late 1950's, early 60's. Beautiful facades were covered with aluminum and other materials to give them a more modern look. With the demand for help on these buildings in place, Mr. Clark located retired craftsman in the fields of carpentry, masonry, roofing, and interior/exterior finishes and procured their services to teach and practice the trade of historic preservation/restoration. Mr. Clark hoped the products and services he envisioned would help restore these buildings and residences back to their original condition and appearance, while protecting as much historic building fabric as possible.

Today, Tom Clark is in a position to know all about the hidden dangers and pitfalls common to preservation and restoration projects; especially Main Street projects. Over his 40+ years in business, Mr. Clark and his company have participated in over 4000+ preservation/restoration projects, 600+ of which were Main Street projects ranging from simple one story storefronts to multiple building projects. The majority were exterior restorations, including storefronts, window/door restorations or replacements, masonry repairs, exterior prep and paint finishes, metal cornices, wood and metal awnings, and transoms, sidelights, and glass restorations/replacements. 

​Having mentioned all of the above accolades, Tom Clark would rather share some of the guidelines he follows for a pitfall-free Main Street project, rather than reviewing a selection of Leeds Clark, Inc.'s praiseworthy projects. In fact, Mr. Clark would be the very first to mention that a large and very important part of the work required for a successful preservation/restoration effort happens before a construction tool is ever lifted: investigation, assessment, prioritizing, specification writing, proposal, and contractor selection. Mr. Clark feels every architect/owner should prioritize and proceed with their Main Street Project in the following order: 

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Historic Storefront Restoration & Replication