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Historic Window & Door Restoration Mock-ups

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Historic Window/Door Mock-ups

Historic Window & Door Replication Mock-ups

Taking a hands on approach, Leeds Clark, Inc. offers historic window and door mock-up services to architects and owners of historic buildings and residences. Leeds Clark, Inc. works close with the architect/owner to produce a historic window or door mock-up, whether that be via the restoration of or the replication of, prior to the historic window or door preservation/restoration effort beginning. This allows all parties involved a finished historic window or door product they can inspect and approve. If there are any changes to the specifications needed during the mock-up phase, corrections can be made during the planning stage prior to the preservation/restoration effort commencing. Tom Clark believes this approach allows the architect/owner the opportunity to establish a firm budget and helps address problem areas up front to help avoid project delays and endless change orders.

Leeds Clark, Inc. believes a historic window or door mock-up is vital to the best interests of the architect/owner and the historic window or door preservation/restoration effort, as a whole, for the following reasons:

  • Provides architect/owner an actual finished representation of the historic window or door restoration/replication based on the proposed specifications and guidelines.
  • Allows architect/owner the opportunity to make changes to the specifications prior to the historic window or door preservation/restoration effort beginning.
  • Provides architect/owner the ability to budget for the historic window or door preservation/restoration effort based on actual conditions encountered during the mock-up phase.
  • Provides manufacture/contractor a standard, based on the specifications and guidelines, that the architect/owner expect for the remaining historic windows or doors for the preservation/restoration effort.‚Äč