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The Secretary of the Interior's "Standards for Rehabilitation" require that where historic windows are individually significant features, or where they contribute to the character of significant facades, their distinguishing visual qualities must not be destroyed. Further, the rehabilitation guidelines recommend against changing the historic appearance of windows through the use of inappropriate designs, materials, finishes, or colors which radically change the sash, depth of reveal, and muntin configuration; the reflectivity and color of the glazing; or the appearance of the frame. Repair of historic windows is always preferred within a rehabilitation project. Replacement should be considered only as a last resort. However, when the extent of deterioration or the unavailability of replacement sections renders repair impossible, replacement of the entire window may be justified. In the case of significant windows, replacement in kind is essential in order to maintain the historic character of the building. However, for less significant windows, replacement with compatible new windows may be acceptable. In selecting compatible replacement windows, the material, configuration, color, operability, number and size of panes, profile and proportion of wood and metal sections, and reflective quality of the original glass should be duplicated as closely as possible. Preservation Brief 13: Sharon C. Park, AIA

Although Leeds Clark, Inc. does not replicate historic steel, galvanized, or hollow metal windows, Tom Clark and his company can assist architects, general contractors, and owners in the planning stage of the historic steel (metal) window preservation/replication effort. Acting as a consultant, Leeds Clark, Inc. can provide the architect, general contractor, and/or the owner over 40+  years of hands on experience in historic steel (metal) window preservation/replication and solid contacts and relationships with the Department of Interior, State Historical Commissions, and local Municipality Preservation Organizations. Tom Clark and his company can act as the consultant and go between as the owner seeks approval from the various historic preservation organizations involved. Leeds Clark, Inc. can also assist in the various forms (Part 1&2) and specification writing for the proposed historic steel (metal) replacement window, assuring that the historic steel (metal) replacement window forms (Part 1&2) and specifications meet all local, State, and Federal guidelines.

Historic Replacement Mock-up Window

Historic Steel Window

Historic Steel Window

Steel (Metal) Window Replication

Historic Replacement Mock-up Windows

Historic Replacement Mock-up Windows

Historic Steel Windows

Goodyear Building Dallas, TX

Red Ball Building Oklahoma City, OK

Fred Jones Building Oklahoma City, OK

In addition, Tom Clark and his company have worked close over the years with several of the top steel and architectural aluminum window manufactures to help replicate in kind replacement windows on projects across the country. Leeds Clark, Inc. works close with the manufacturer to produce a mock-up window prior to the historic steel (metal) window preservation/replacement effort ever beginning. This allows all parties involved a finished product they can inspect and approve. If there are any changes to the specifications or the window itself, corrections can be made during the planning stage. Tom Clark believes this approach allows the architect/owner the opportunity to establish a firm budget and helps address problem areas up front to help avoid costly project delays and never-ending change orders. Below are a few examples of Tom Clark and his company having been hired by the owner of a particular building to help work thru the process of getting a historic steel (metal) replacement window approved and accepted by the local (city), State, and Federal Historic Preservation Organizations, then implemented into project:  

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